Digital Data Product - Crypto


Digital Data Product - Crypto

Crypto Insights Portal

Crypto Insights Portal

We have developed a digital data product for, transforming raw blockchain data into a monetizable asset that expands online reach and visibility for the client. The platform provides high-quality information related to real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, catering to stakeholders such as researchers, investors, startups, institutions, asset managers, and issuers.

The implementation focused on creating an insights platform with seamless navigation across various RWA data visualizations, emphasizing user experience and interface aesthetics.

Project Phases:

Data Research: Conducted a comprehensive analysis of tokenized asset data sources, metrics, public datasets, and APIs. Explored data extraction techniques from third-party services such as Etherscan and Bitquery.

Tokens and KPIs Analysis: Investigated token data for treasury tokens, categorized various data levels, and evaluated multiple data sources.

Data Warehouse Creation: Compiled an extensive list of tokens data from multiple sources.

Portal Requirements: Performed an in-depth analysis of required functionalities and use cases to define the portal's scope.

Design: Designed the system architecture and developed prototypes to outline the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) elements.

Testing: Rigorously tested features, including Superset integration, row-level security, and UX/UI components to ensure functionality and performance.

Production Deployment: Deployed the platform to the production environment, ensuring it is fully operational and accessible to users.

This project exemplifies our capability to transform data into a valuable digital product that enhances client visibility and monetization opportunities.